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google sniper 2.0 honest reviewHey there, Patrick here.   Are you looking for a Google Sniper review?   I actually purchased the Google Sniper, have gone through the entire course and have decided to write a real review on what the Google Sniper has done for my business.  I do not typically write reviews on these types of courses as most are a complete waste of my and your time.

Before I get started, I would like to point out that this is only a review of the Google Sniper system.   Click here to access the Google Sniper Official Site

Why am I writing a review on the Google Sniper? Because I have purchased so many ebooks and online video courses; it’s ridiculous.   I usually find the same re-hashed content sold over and over again and end up returning the product within 24 hours.  Sound familiar? I have gotten pretty good at spotting the phony products immediately after download.   However, I felt much different, right from the start when looking at the Google Sniper.   It actually felt like a real product that consisted of information that was going to help me.  Keep in mind, when I purchased this product,  there weren’t many good reviews that explained what I was getting myself into.

Update: 11/2012 –  I am no longer recommending this course.  The strategies have changed and  many of the methods taught in this course will not work anymore.  If you are looking for a legitimate method to make money online, I highly suggest Bring The Fresh.  Check it out here.

But be warned, I’ll be discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of the Google Sniper.  As an experienced website owner, I can tell you this information is not for everyone.  On the flip side, I STRONGLY believe this is a fantastic product for the intermediate to more advanced and internet savvy person.  So, if you are kind of new to this whole internet marketing thing, you may want to just leave now.

So let’s get started, jumping right into our review of Google Sniper…  First thing’s first, who is this course for?   And if you read my last paragraph, I have strongly noted that this program is not for everyone.  So instead of me listing off who should not use this program, I have listed the people that will find this program to be useful and have an impact in their business and finances. I hope you fall into this category because I truly believe everyone would have success using this system, if they just knew the basics to web development, blogging, article marketing, seo and a couple other traffic generation techniques.   Now, if you don’t understand these things yet, that’s okay too, there are plenty of great  “look over my shoulder and copy exactly as I do”  video tutorials that are great for people who may not have a strong grasp on all the details yet.  The important thing is you have a strong desire to learn and improve your skills in this area.

What are you going to learn in Google Sniper?   The Google Sniper guide is brilliantly put together and designed simple enough for almost anyone to follow.  When you sign up, you are introduced with a couple welcome videos, a “read me first” pdf and the process maps that line out every step of the way.  From the very first video, you understand the direction the course takes and how to easily follow along and take action.  The Google Sniper pdf’s and videos all blend together to tell the story and provide quality training.  The ultimate idea is to create a website in a high traffic, niche market and get ranked with proper on page optimization techniques.  The course teaches you how to do this without spending any money on traffic at all.   Now this is where most people scratch their head and start to believe that Google Sniper is a scam.  How can you get all this traffic, and make all this money without spending money on advertising?   Is it really possible?  And without going into much detail, the answer is a resounding YES!     Before I even purchased this course, I was very successful with on page optimization and ranking first page, just for the way I typed my keywords and my content.  I NEVER spend money on advertising.  So when I saw that the idea behind this course was to make money from traffic using SEO methods, I was 100% on board!

Google Sniper Videos, PDF’s and Process Maps Here is a list of everything you will learn with the Google Sniper course.  You can see a few snapshots of the Google Sniper back office and the content within.  Note there are also some extra links on the top to some pretty cool software, webinars, trainings and other great content provided by George Brown, creator of Google Sniper.

Google Sniper welcome screen

google sniper review site

Unadvertised Google Sniper Bonus

Google Sniper Bonus  (3 hour video walkthrough)

Everything you get inside the Google Sniper Course As soon as you join, you will have immediate access to all the files, videos and trainings.  Below I have listed and provided description on everything you will learn through the Google Sniper course.

Google Sniper Introductory pdf:  This is going to be your main guide and resource for learning the Google Sniper system.  The guide was setup to brilliantly to  integrate with the training videos so you can quickly and easily follow along and jump from topic to topic.  The nice thing is, you can completely skip the ebook if you would like and jump right into the videos.  These videos cover the ebook in great detail.

Video modules The Google Sniper course is loaded with tons of training and content videos.  Most videos provide an “over the shoulder view” so you can see exactly what George is thinking and doing when he is setting up his sniper sites.  These videos are important to watch as most of the information discussed is the real secret to creating sniper sites that convert the traffic into sales for you.  Make sure you watch video #4, this is an especially important topic on pre selling your customers and doubling your conversions.

1.   How to pick a winning product

2. Finding keywords to meet the profitability criteria

3. Creating the foundation of your sniper site

4. Increase your conversions by 20% with this one secret

5. The fastest & most professional way to cloak affiliate links  (free)

6.  Techie stuff – how to create your site

7.  How to get ranked and gain search engine authority in record time

8.  Unadvertised Bonus Video

Extended Bonuses & Extra Videos I wasn’t really planning on adding all this extra stuff but I think it’s important for you to know what you are getting.  This next section covers all the extra content, videos and training you don’t see offered on the home page.  Let me be clear, this is definitely for the more advanced.   If you choose to buy this course, make sure to read all the primary content first before you jump into this.  Otherwise you will just get confused.  This extra section is just showing you some more ways to drive targeted traffic and how to find other affiliate marketing opportunities.  It is great content, tons of real value and the suggested ideas do work.  However, you typically only apply this stuff if you already have completed the rest of the course.   This is also great material if you have a website and are just looking for some new ways to drive traffic.  I guarantee you will find some interesting and creative ways in this section.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly As I said before, the Google Sniper program is not for everyone.  If you are completely new to affiliate marketing, I would stray away from an advanced product like this.  There is nothing worst than getting excited about buying a course to help you, only to find out that it was a complete let down or too advanced for your level.  That being said, if you have had success with affiliate marketing before but fell off the horse and don’t know exactly how to get back on,  I would recommend George Brown’s Google Sniper course.  This is without a doubt the most secure affiliate method that I have learned to this day.

Overall opinion of Google Sniper.  This course is absolutely fantastic if you already have a little experience under your belt.  You don’t need to be a professional and you don’t even already need a website.  In fact, it’s probably better that you don’t have a website because then you will be more likely to follow this course to a T and have good results.  Many experienced affiliates who have purchased the course, read the whole thing and then only follow the course half-way, only getting half the results.   This seems to be the biggest reason for not having success with the course is because they just don’t follow through all the way or they are too stubborn, using their own ways to do things.  Either way, the Google Sniper course is one of the best non-fluff guides to making money as an affiliate online.

I hope this review has helped you,

google sniper 2.0 honest review

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