BIG Lyoness Lawsuit | BEWARE!

Okay folks, before you freak out… don’t worry.  Lyoness is in good standings.  I want to share an article I recently found that will shed some light on this whole Lyoness lawsuit shenanigans.

Very few lawsuits against Lyoness have been reported given the number of countries, merchants, and members involved. For comparison, consider the number of search results for the following:

List of lawsuits against Microsoft = 15,900,000 results
List of lawsuits against Facebook = 9,700,000 results
List of lawsuits against Apple = 7,290,000 results
List of lawsuits against Amazon = 5,280,000 results
List of lawsuits against Google = 1,760,000 results
Again, the number of search results in Google does not equate to the number of lawsuits against Google. The purpose of providing this data is to shine a light on the following:

Any person or company can sue any person or company
The presence of lawsuits does not equal wrongdoing
Many lawsuits are filed as a way for the plaintiff to generate income, harass the defendant, gain media attention, etc – there are many motivations
Many lawsuits never go to trial
A Single Lawsuit Against Lyoness

I am currently aware of only one lawsuit against. (If you know of others, please contact me with details.) The court ruled against Lyoness:

The first court decision against Lyoness!

Lyoness lost the case Eric Breiteneder brought and is appealing.

It’s Normal Business to Defend Against Lawsuits

Now, think of a company you like. Perhaps they offer a product or service you enjoy. Then go to Google search for:

List of lawsuits against [insert a favorite company here]

Next, read the various reports of what the company’s legal department is working on. Some lawsuits are frivolous and unjustified. Even great companies sometimes make mistakes for which they have to answer in court. All companies have “weak links” in the chain of their organization’s structure and must continually improve. No companies are perfect. But some companies are built on positive values and work extremely hard to do a good job. Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide if Lyoness is such a company.

Civil vs. Criminal

When discussing legal issues, it’s also essential to make a distinction between civil and criminal proceedings.

Civil law: The system of law concerned with private relations between members of a community rather than criminal, military, or religious affairs.

Lawsuits are very common in business and do not constitute criminal misconduct. Again, the record shows that Lyoness works diligently to comply with all laws in the jurisdictions in which they offer memberships.

What’s Your Viewpoint?

I welcome your comments, pro or con, below.

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